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About US


Metory was founded in 2018 and is a brand specializing in sportswear.

We want to solve people's inconveniences in sports in terms of clothing so that sports enthusiasts can be more engaged and enjoy the fun of sports.

Product design and quality are our core competencies. Although we have few products available, each one is designed by us independently and produced with a high standard.

We want to be with you all the way through your workout, every moment, every event.



Company:  Shenzhen SanYu Technology Co., Ltd.

Address:    Futian District, Shennan Road 1506, 

                  Yaohua Building, No. 6023, 

                  Shenzhen, China

Email: (US, UK, EU)

Phone:       +86 13632882294
Facebook:  @vrmetory
Twitter:      @ vrmetory